Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation is a California State mandated form of insurance covering workers injured in job-related accidents. It provides coverage for medical care and rehabilitation and helps to replace lost wages while you are injured and unable to return to work.

Finding the best price is only half the battle. In addition, we help you keep those costs down by providing Claims Administration Services, Experience Modification Analysis and Safety/Loss Control assistance. We have access to just about every insurance carrier available in California including some exclusive Workers Compensation programs and captives.

With the experience Bozzuto Insurance Agency has gained in the industry and through valued partnerships we can gain more control over your experience mod and can keep your Workers Compensation costs down. We can do this through the following methods of service:

  • Reducing your out of pocket expense with first aid related claims
  • Monitoring and auditing open claims
  • Developing up to date IIPP programs
  • Implementing safety sraining and return-to-work programs
  • Experience mod calculations and projections
  • Reviewing experience mod worksheets for accuracy
  • How to get your First Aid related claims paid out of pocket at a reduced cost

With the rising costs in healthcare and claims it is more important than ever to get your Workers Compensation under control using the best Carriers and loss control services available. Bozzuto Insurance Agency can help do this for your business and keep you premiums low. For more information on Workers Compensation visit the WCIRB.

For a glossary of Workers Compensation terms please click on the following link – Workers Compensation glossary

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