What’s the Difference Between a Real Estate Agent & Realtor?

The terms Realtor and real estate agent are often used interchangeably, but in reality, they are not the same thing. Some real estate agents are not realtors, and when the time to purchase a home arrives,

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Delivery Service
Establishing a Delivery Service in Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant demands responsibility, dedication, and innovation. The latter of these is particularly important when it comes to attracting and keeping new customers. You need to anticipate what your clientele wants and find new ways to deliver—in this case,

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Infection Prevention on COVID-19 Frontlines

Healthcare workers place themselves at risk each day to provide care for the thousands of individuals with COVID-19. The country depends on these people to save the lives of family members and friends,

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Food Recall
How Should Your Restaurant Manage a Food Recall?

No restaurant owner looks forward to a food recall.  But when dealing with food, safety and health issues that need to be handled are always present.  Not every food and product delivery is going to be perfectly ready for the table. 

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Malpractice Claims
Minimizing Malpractice Claims for Physicians

Litigation and Liability

There are so many positive aspects of being a physician, but lawsuits and malpractice claims can ruin what is an otherwise credible and desirable profession.  The unfortunate truth is that even the best doctors will most likely have to face claims against their diagnostics and procedures at least once in their career. 

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Real Estate Best Practices
Real Estate Best Practices for Success

Real estate can be a lucrative, personally rewarding business.  And for that reason, there are many people wanting to take their chance and give it a try. In order to stand out above the crowd of amateurs,

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Avoiding Foodborne Illness
How Restaurants Can Prevent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

Did you know that a foodborne outbreak could easily occur without the proper food safety protocols being followed? Unfortunately, foodborne illnesses are not rare or really that difficult to attain,

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Contractor Liability
The Importance of Pollution Contractor Liability

Pollution liability is not covered under a general contractor liability policy, creating the need to purchase separate coverage if contractors want to ensure proper protection. Contractors are now beginning to realize the significance of environmental risks and pollution liability is helping them remain ahead of these exposures associated with their line of work.

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Pollution Liability
What Pollution Liability Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Anyone who is in the contracting business or even works with contractors should consider pollution liability as a protection when dealing with potentially harmful on-site utilities, such as sewer or water lines for instance.

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Consultant Professional Liability
The Keys to Successful Consulting

Poor communication can have serious financial and professional consequences when it comes to your business consulting work.  It is in your best interest to prevent a misunderstanding from turning into a lost client or a bad online review.

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