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What Does Contractors Equipment Insurance Cover?

Equipment Categories

Coverages available through the Contractors Equipment Floater Program include:

  • Owned Equipment
  • Office Equipment
  • Unscheduled Equipment
  • Extra Expense

Eligible Contractors

  • Air Conditioning
  • Carpentry
  • Carpet/Furniture Cleaning
  • Concrete Construction
  • Door,
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What Is A Contractors Equipment Insurance Floater?

Business owners often do not realize that their business personal property coverage is limited to fixed locations specified in the policies. If you own equipment that moves between job sites or other locations,

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Builders Risk & Installation Floaters – The Basics

Learn what Builders Risk insurance is, what installation floaters are, why you need them for your next construction project.

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What Is Excluded Or Covered?

Excluded Property 
Property excluded under builders risk policies and installation floaters vary from one insurer to another. 
The following properties may be excluded:

  • trees,
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Social Host Liability

Be a Responsible Host When It Comes to Serving Alcohol at Parties

Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl party or greeting the New Year with friends in your home,

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Holiday Party Etiquette: A Good Host Is a Responsible Host When It Comes to Serving Alcohol

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of holiday season and for many that means party time. But hosts who serve alcohol should take steps to limit their liquor liability and make sure they have the proper insurance,

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Is Your Company Hosting A Holiday Party?

The upcoming winter season is a time for holiday office parties and charity events. While gatherings can provide opportunities for professionals to mingle casually with their co-workers and clients and can help boost employee morale,

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