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The experienced staff at Bozzuto & Co. Insurance Services offers Auto Repair Shop Insurance packages equipped with specifically tailored coverages to address the exposures of a car repair shop, body shop or smog shop. We offer cost-effective coverage options such as Garage Liability and Garage Keeper’s, along with other critical business insurance solutions required to effectively protect Auto Repair & Body Shops against loss. We have longstanding relationships with repair shop insurance companies that understand your business and are committed to providing the coverage you need. We can package your insurance coverages in a single policy or provide individual coverages, depending on the size of your shop.

Our goal is to help minimize your risk so that you can continue to service your customers and grow your business.

How Garage Liability Insurance Works

Garage Liability insurance is basically purchased by someone who owns a repair shop, body shop or some other auto service center. It typically covers liability for the business’ premises and operations, products and completed operations and customers vehicles while under your care, custody and control. For example, if a customer slips and falls while walking through the repair bay to talk to the mechanic, Garage Liability will pay for medical care up to the policy’s specified limit. Most Garage Liability policies also include coverage for liabilities arising from the shop’s general business operations, such as discrimination lawsuits from employees. The employee dishonesty portion of the policy will step in if an employee steals or vandalizes a customer’s car.

Garage Liability insurance also covers products manufactured or sold by the shop. This includes property damage resulting from faulty parts installed in a customer’s vehicle. It may also cover automobiles owned by the business.

How Garage Keepers’ Insurance Works

Garage Liability Insurance does not cover customer’s cars that are left in the care of the shop. This type of exposure would be covered under Garage Keeper’s insurance and is typically usually sold with Garage Liability policies, although it’s a separate contract. Let’s say an employee gets into an accident while test-driving a customer vehicle he just serviced. Garage Keeper’s coverage will help pay for the repairs and costs of the customer’s vehicle.

There are three options available with Garage Keeper’s insurance:

Legal Liability: The most common type of protection, this applies to a customer’s vehicle damaged due to the insured’s negligence.
Direct Primary: This form covers the customer’s vehicles regardless of liability. In a loss caused by no action of the insured such as a weather loss, or a theft although the vehicle was adequately protected, the direct primary Garage Keeper’s pays.
Direct Excess: This works similarly to direct primary coverage in that who is at fault doesn’t matter. But instead of paying the full amount, it will only pay in excess of the cost collectible under the owner’s policy.

Additional Coverages for Auto Repair & Body Shops

Following are additional coverages for Auto Repair Shops and Auto Body Shops to consider:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: Protects your building, the physical assets inside of that property, and many other types of physical objects owned and used by your business against fire, natural disaster, and other hazards.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Covers liability, collision, and medical payments should an accident occur with your business vehicle. Also can include comprehensive (fire and theft) coverage for your business vehicles, and non-owned and hired auto coverage if your company leases vehicles or your employees use their own vehicles for business purposes.
  • Portable Tools and Equipment Coverage: Designed to provide coverage for expensive portable equipment, such as pneumatic hand tools; air compressors; jack, jack stands, and pole jacks; vehicle lifts, etc. against theft and damage.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Covers the cost of repairs or revenue loss if a piece of equipment fails and damages other property.
  • Business Interruption/Loss of Income Coverage: Coverage for lost revenue and ongoing expenses as a result of property damage or loss to help the business get back on its feet.
  • Crime Coverage: Can be designed to protect against various crimes: employee dishonesty; forgery or alteration; computer fraud; funds transfer fraud; kidnap, ransom, or extortion; money and securities; and money orders and counterfeit money.
  • Workers Compensation Coverage: Mandatory in most states, Work Comp provides reimbursement for medical costs, as well as a portion of wages for employees while out of work due to an on-the-job injury or illness.

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