Real Estate Best Practices for Success

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Real Estate Best Practices

Real estate can be a lucrative, personally rewarding business.  And for that reason, there are many people wanting to take their chance and give it a try. In order to stand out above the crowd of amateurs, real estate best practices include working hard and outsmarting the competition.

Make a Plan, Become Organized

Even the most skilled agent who can schmooze and sell anybody will fall behind if they are disorganized.  Failing to make a schedule, to-do lists, contact lists – all of the “boring stuff” is a sure way to fail.  People don’t want sporadic agents, they want quick and consistent, and that can only come through careful planning.

Do the Little Things Consistently

There are some things that only a real estate agent can do, but there are many things that anybody can do.  An effective real estate agent will prove to their clients that they are necessary by doing the little things consistently- and doing them well.  This means calling to check on the status of various contractors, watching the market to see if their dream house goes up for sale, and answering emails promptly.  Do the little things well, and clients will feel comfortable and secure with their agent(s).

Work Towards a Great Online Presence

Gone are the days of thumbing through the phonebook or the newspaper to find an agent.  People are doing their real estate shopping online, and the online agents are going to get the calls.  This does not necessarily mean Tweeting every day, but it does mean making sure the website is intuitive and optimizing the search engine results for the area.  Invest in online marketing rather than traditional signs and fliers, because that is the place to be seen.

Make Every Relationship Count

Clients may not be experts in the real estate field, but never assume they are uninformed.  A client can tell when they are being used by an agent or hurried off the line or given a platitude to keep them from emailing again. Doing so will likely motivate the client to move on to another agent. And when dealing with contractors, inspectors, property owners and more, view each relationship as an opening to other relationships down the line.  Playing hardball and being sneaky might help in the short term, but that reputation will only hurt later on.

Protect Yourself Against Complaints

Real estate agents are subject to claims and even lawsuits when the services rendered were inadequate or disastrous.  This can lead to lengthy and expensive lawsuits.  A wise agent should take the precaution to cover their services with a professional liability policy.  This will absorb the risk and the costs of damaging complaints and suits.  Bozzuto Insurance works especially with real estate agents to create a policy that is perfect for each individual and his or her business.

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