3 California Business Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

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California business Insurance

Have you considered your options for small business insurance? California offers some special challenges for the business owner, with its fast-paced business climate and its beautiful but sometimes dangerous natural environment. Learn to avoid some of the common pitfalls and keep your business well-protected in the long run. Here are three things to keep in mind in your search for the best California small business insurance:

1. Don’t skimp on coverage.

Just a few dollars spent now can save you millions in the future. If your business is struck by natural disaster, vandalism, a customer lawsuit, or any other sort of calamity, your decades of hard work and sacrifice can vanish in an instant. You should never skimp on insurance coverage for your small business. A modest increase in your premium can make the difference between partial reimbursement and real protection for the long haul. Make sure that your insurance plan covers replacement costs for your facilities, your inventory, and whatever extra expenses may arise in the rebuilding of your business. A bit more caution now will mean a quicker return to business as usual after a disaster strikes. Your insurance should cover all the physical and intangible assets of your business. It should also cover your entire payroll for the necessary period of recovery — and be sure not to forget your own salary as the business owner!

2. Don’t try to go it alone: use a good California business insurance agent.

Of course you are an expert in your area of business, but there are almost certainly things you haven’t yet learned about insurance. Even the most experienced small business owners can use some help in getting business insurance quotes that work for them and their budgets. You don’t have to go it alone. An insurance agent can help you navigate the confusing details of insuring your business. Your agent can also help you make well-informed decisions about what level of insurance you want for your particular case. A modest small-town family business will have different needs than a good-sized enterprise in a big city. What they both deserve is the expert advice of an agent.

3. Expect the unexpected in your business insurance. California is full of surprises!

Fires and earthquakes will — unfortunately — always be a part of life in California. Small business insurance can help you prepare for natural disasters and recover from them with your business healthier than ever. Your agent is always ready to speak frankly with you about the details of natural disaster coverage. A well-chosen insurance policy will also protect the long-term interests of your business from a wide variety of other mishaps: theft or burglary, water damage, electronic fraud, and anything else that might strike your business unexpectedly.

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