December Home Maintenance Checklist

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With Hannukah and Christmas shopping and preparations, December is a non-stop month for many people. But don’t forget about your home. We’ve got a checklist to keep your house in order. For your convenience, we have turned this December home maintenance checklist into a PDF so you can print it out.

As usual, perform these monthly home maintenance items.

December Home Maintenance items:

  • Check for damaged cords and wires.
    • Check to make sure the shielding hasn’t pulled away from the plug.
    • If the cord is bent, pinched or damaged, then the wires might be broken on the inside and apt to cause a shortage. Replace or repair the cord.
    • If there are black smudges or burn marks on the cord or outlet, then there are shortages occurring. Replace or repair the cord.
    • Check your extension cords, lamps, and other frequently unplugged small appliances, such as vacuums, coffee makers, blow dryers, electric shavers, etc.
  • Check the ground-fault circuits on outlets.
    • Do this by pressing the “test” button (if available). The reset button should pop out. Press in the reset button.
  • Review fire safety and escape routes with everyone living in the home.
  • Test all electrical holiday decorations prior to use.
    • Check the cords for crimps, bends and damage to the protective shielding.
    • Check each light socket for cracks or frays.
    • Throw out any damaged cords or lights.
  • Move snow shovels and blowers to a convenient location.
  • Make sure your generator is in working condition and extra fuel is at hand.
  •  Check driveway for cracks and have them resealed as needed.
    • If your driveway has cracks and you live in an area where it gets below freezing, those cracks can widen and deepen leaving a much larger job for you to fix in the spring.


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