Am I eligible for California Good Driver Discount?

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California good driver

Drivers that are NOT considered good drivers usually pay 20% more in premiums then good drivers. Luckily, there is little confusion on the eligibility for the California Good Driver Discount. Proposition 103 clearly states:

  1. The driver must have held a license to drive a motor vehicle for the last 3 years.

    Unlike many other states, California doesn’t use the driver’s age to determine eligibility for the good driver discount, but rather how long the driver has been licensed. Therefore, a 19-year-old driver could have better insurance rates than someone in his/her 40’s. In order to qualify for this portion, the driver must have held the license for 3 consecutive years without any lapse, including passing the expiration date before getting the license renewed, suspension or revocation of the license. If the driver was licensed in another state, this counts towards the good driver discount. Also, if the driver was licensed in another country, they may still qualify if they have been licensed within the U.S. or Canada for the last 18 months.

  2. The driver cannot have more than 1 point on his driving record within the last 3 years.

    California, like many states, uses a point system to monitor a driver’s eligibility to operate a motor vehicle. A minor violation, such as speeding, making an illegal u-turn or failing to stop at a stop sign, will render 1 point on the driver’s license. Minor violations stay on the driver’s record for 3 years.

  3. The driver cannot have any major violations on his driving record for the last 10 years.

    This probably seems pretty obvious; after all, we’re talking about a good driver, right? A driver cannot have had a major violation on his record. The most common major violations are causing an accident, DUI’s (Driving Under the Influence) and reckless driving. A driver can receive a reckless driving ticket in California for driving at or over 70 miles per hour.

If you previously had an incident on your record and it has expired or is expiring soon, it is a good time to look for a new car insurance plan so that you can get a lower rate. Contact us today and we’ll help you find the best car insurance rate even if you don’t qualify for a good driver discount.



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