Frequently asked questions about truck insurance

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What type of coverage do I need if I’m just starting my trucking company?

Although each company will have different needs, and we ALWAYS recommend talking to a licensed insurance agent to get the correct truck insurance coverage, these are types of insurance are typically needed:


Other truck insurance coverages and policies that are often required:

  • Equipment breakdown
  • Environmental/pollution
  • Inland Marine coverage


Our company plans on driving in all 48 states. Do I need additional coverage?

No, your truck insurance goes wherever your trucks go.


Can I still get truck insurance with a bad driving record?

Yes. We will help you to find the lowest cost for truck insurance (if your trucking business is located in California). However, premiums can be substantial and a review of the cost analysis of your business may be required.


Can you help me obtain the necessary permits required to operate my trucking business?

While we would love to help you as much as we can, it is best that you handle all of your licensing and permitting needs. The California DMV has a lot of useful information about motor carrier permits on their website.


What factors can cause an increase in truck insurance premiums?

  • First and foremost, your driving record and driving record of any drivers
  • Location of your business (where the truck/s are garaged)
  • Type of transportation business
  • Age and condition of truck and other equipment


Is the trailer covered under the main truck insurance policy?

The liability portion is covered with a commercial auto policy, but any comprehensive and collision damage usually requires additional coverage. Some companies require an additional specific policy, while others allow riders that can be added to include trailer property damages.


If your business is located in Sacramento or anywhere throughout California and you need truck insurance, fill out our free online business insurance form.


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