How to get cheap car insurance in California

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Getting a cheap car insurance policy doesn’t mean you don’t get quality, you just save money. Here are some tips to get a cheaper auto insurance policy in California.

Carry a high deductible

An easy way to get a lower rate is to carry a higher deductible. Having a $1,000 deductible instead of $250 will give you savings month after month and over the life of the car can mean a substantial chunk of change.

Know your limits

When you first buy a car, getting the highest coverage on everything seems like (and often is) the best idea. But if you’ve own your cars for several years or it is an older car to begin with, you might be paying for more coverage than you need. For example, if your car is only worth $2,000 and your collision coverage costs $500 / year and you have a $1,000 deductible, after 2 years you’re paying more than what you’ll get for your car. However, if you don’t have a nest egg to replace your car and you rely on your car every day, collision still might be a good option for you.

Combine policies

Most insurance companies will give you a discount when you combine policies. By bundling a homeowners or renter’s insurance policy with your car policy, you’ll get a discount. You can also purchase a bundle that includes an umbrella policy. Often times, a bundled policy that includes homeowners, auto and umbrella policies is less expensive than buying homeowners and car insurance policies from separate insurers.

Insure multiple cars and drivers

By adding multiple cars onto the same policy, insurers will give you a bulk rate. If you have a motorcycle, RV or boat, you can ask about getting those on the same policy, too. If you have more than one safe driver on the policy, you might be eligible for even more discounts.

Get an agent

Comparison shopping is time consuming and you’re limited to the discounts that the insurers provide to the public. By using an agent, not only can your agent shop around, but they also have access to deeper discounts from insurers. Make sure to use a reputable insurance agency. Of course, if you live in California and need car insurance, you can fill out our free online quote and we can get you set up.


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