Get your home ready for cold weather

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Winter storms are already here. Do you have your home ready for cold weather yet? If you have a house, hopefully you have already completed the December Home Maintenance Checklist. Although it’s unusual for it to snow in Sacramento, it can still get really, really cold during the winter months…cold enough to freeze! And let’s not forget about the dangers of ice. There are a few more things you can do to be ready for the winter storms.

Winterize your emergency kit

If you created an emergency kit during the warmer months, you may not have thought about the supplies you’d need if a winter storm hits. You’ll want to add a few extra supplies:

  • Extra winter clothing, such as snow jackets and blankets
  • Sand, in case your driveway ices over
  • Back up heating source, if the power goes out

Learn how to shut off water valves

Freezing temperatures have been known to cause pipes to burst. If that happens, you’ll want to know exactly how to turn off your water to prevent even further damage. Also, if you are forced to leave your home, turning off the water valves before you leave could help mitigate any damages.

Check all fuel burning vents

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, gas stove or dryer, you’ll want to do a second check to make sure that the vents are clear.

Install or check carbon monoxide detectors

If leaves or snow should end up blocking any of the vents to your fuel burning equipment, then there is a high risk that the people in your home could get carbon monoxide poisoning. You should already have installed one, but if you haven’t, now is a really good time to do so.

As always, we are here to help answer any questions you may have on your homeowner’s insurance policy.


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