Halloween Tips for Homeowners

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As fun as it is getting dressed up (or at least seeing the little ones dressed up) on Halloween, it’s easy to take some simple steps to keep safe!

Keep the lights on

Make sure that visitors and trick-or-treaters can clearly see where they are walking to avoid falls. It’s hard enough to see in the dark, but it’s even harder when you’re only a few feet tall with a mask on.

Clear a path

Make sure to clear the pathways of lawn ornaments and other obstacle (even though we all know that gnome feeding the deer is adorable), in case someone tries to get out of another person’s way as they cross paths or if a kid makes a beeline to the front door regardless of what’s in his way.

Even if you don’t plan on handing out candy or you’ve never had a trick-or-treater come to your door, it’s a good idea to clear a path and keep the lights on. There’s always that one kid that has to make sure that no one is home to hand out candy.

Don’t use candles

Yes, it’s true that candles give a certain ambience, but they pose such a high risk of fire. Even more so if they are in pumpkins along the pathway to your home. It’s so easy for a trick-or-treater to catch their costume on fire as they walk past an open flame.

You can easily find LED candles to take the place of a real candle. For some added flare, you can use glow sticks and add some color to your jack-o-lanterns.

Keep your pets away

As much as you love Fido, sometimes kids love him even more even if Fido doesn’t want the attention. To keep your pets and your guests safe, it’s best to keep your pets away from the front door and porch. With so many people coming and going, pets can get spooked and might jump or bite at someone injuring them.

Be an extra cautious driver

Check, double check, and even triple check when you’re driving, particularly when you’re backing out of your driveway. Take extra precaution and drive very slowly through residential neighborhoods. Kids can dart out in between cars or trip and fall into the street in a moment.

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