How to Form Strong, Long-Lasting Relationships with Your Clients

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Professional Liability Insurance Coverage

Strong client relationships make you feel like a true partner to your client. But building this relationship goes beyond delivering on what your contract says. First and foremost, secure professional liability insurance for any discrepancies or mishaps.

Get to Know How They Work

When you first make contact with a client, do your research on the company, team, past projects (if applicable), and the individual client contacts. This helps you work with confidence, enthusiasm, and make a good impression.

Learn to speak their language. That may mean picking up industry-specific jargon if necessary, or reading the room to understand the appropriate tone and level of professionalism.

Frequent Check- ins

Set regular check-ins with your client, and respect one another’s time by creating agendas. Check-in meetings should include project updates and time to walk through any points or questions that need to be addressed, recommends the Muse.

When you’re in the neighborhood, ask to stop by for a quick hello, or a chance grab lunch (taking into consideration their busy schedule).

Ask for Feedback

Always be consistently and deliberately asking your client how you can improve the way you work together.

Inquire about their likes and dislikes about processes. This shows interest in their opinion and happiness and you can learn valuable information for future clients.

Tell clients that you encourage all feedback. Creating an open relationship where feedback is respected and shared freely sets a foundation for successful long-term partnerships.


Set realistic expectations from the start, understanding your own capabilities and timelines, and being honest with yourself if you have any limitations. Then, clearly communicate what that all looks like from the start. Never underestimate the power of a calm, positive attitude to instill confidence in your client.

Set timelines and strategies you both agree feel manageable and realistic for your respective workloads. Just as you need to be held accountable, when your client doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain, don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself, your team, and your work in a constructive and respectful manner.

Communication is Key

Communication is a crucial part in building strong relationships with anyone. Since most of your communication will probably be done via email, it’s important to know how to effectively interact online.

Always write emails that are clear and concise. Avoid rambling or giving irrelevant information, and keeping things short and to the point with a clear purpose or call to action.

Always edit your emails for spelling and grammar—simple mistakes can have your client questioning your attention to detail or level of professionalism.

Be Personable

You were hired because your client believed you were the right person for the job. So embrace that. When you operate with authenticity, people know what to expect, and, in turn, the communication and support you provide will be more consistent. This helps create actual long term connections.

Strong client relationships that last are built on genuine connection, not just transactions. When your plans don’t go as smoothly as you hoped, you will want to have professional liability insurance in place to protect your assets.

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