How to Prevent Accidents from Slip and Fall Hazards in Restaurants

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How to Prevent Accidents from Slip and Fall Hazards in Restaurants

Slick surfaces are potential hazards to your guests and employees. It just takes one quick slip. A greasy floor, a buckling mat or uneven flooring could send an employee or guest to the hospital and you could wind up in an expensive lawsuit. With winter right on our heels, it’s even more likely that an employee or a guest could track in rain or snow, making a formerly safe floor a newly risky one. Take advantage of these slip and fall solutions and secure liability insurance for restaurants so you are properly prepared. 

Secure Footing

Require that all employees wear sturdy shoes with slip-resistant soles and low heels. Improper footwear causes approximately 24 percent of slips and falls.

An entrance mat can be an important first line of defense against slips by removing moisture from footwear. But mats can also cause accidents if not carefully selected, correctly placed and properly maintained. Look for mats with high-traction backing to prevent movement. Place mats on a clean, dry surface. If it’s wet underneath, the mat can easily shift across the floor potentially causing falls. 

Replace buckling, torn or worn carpets and mats. Repair uneven surfaces within the restaurant and on outside walkways. Train staff to report any problems they notice to management. Use non-slip matting in kitchen areas that are commonly wet. 

Always keep pathways clear. Close cabinet doors immediately after use and don’t store items on the floor or in stairwells. Train employees to be cautious of overfilling busing containers, as items can easily fall from them causing tripping hazards. 

Stay Clean and Dry

Train staff to clean up spills as soon as they are spotted. During peak hours, mop only in areas that need immediate attention.

Where wet processes are used, maintain drainage and provide false floors, platforms, mats or other dry standing places where practicable. 

Caution Customers

Don’t leave a spill unattended while getting a mop. Station one team member at the spill, directing guests around it, while another gets the cleaning materials. Place a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign by the spill until the area is fully dry.

Cut the Grease

Use cleaning items designed to cut through grease and grime, without leaving a slippery residue. Bleach is a sanitizer, not a cleaner. Bleach on top of grease can be slippery.

Make it Part of Your Training 

Staff must be adequately trained on cleaning tools and products. Remind employees to keep on top of tasks, such as changing the mop water or replacing mop heads as needed. Motivate staff by emphasizing the importance of preventing falls.

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