What type of insurance does a Street Sweeper company need?

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After getting properly licensed in your industry, getting insurance is one of the most important aspects of running a business, especially a street sweeper company. It is important to have the best insurance portfolio to meet your business’ needs. A road cleaning company will need typical business insurance policies with a few areas to take further consideration.

General Liability

General liability policies protect the assets of the business in a lawsuit rising from injuries, negligence, and accidents. Coverage includes bodily injury, property damage, and even, advertising injury. Even if your company is not at fault, having insurance will provide you with legal representation without your company having to pay for it out-of-pocket. In addition, the policy can cover general and compensatory damages.

As a street sweeper company, we offer General Liability enhancements including a blanket waiver, additional insured and primary coverage when required by a written contract.

Commercial Auto Insurance

This probably comes as a no-brainer, but a commercial auto insurance policy is needed to cover the street cleaners and any other vehicles that are driven on behalf of the company. As street cleaners are larger vehicles, a Pollution Liability or Broadened Coverage endorsement to the auto insurance policy is needed to protect your business in case of any damages that occur from pollutants entering the environment from one of the company’s vehicles.

Property Insurance

If you have a location where your company operates from, then you’ll definitely want to include business property insurance. A Business Property insurance policy doesn’t just cover the land, it also covers computers, equipment, tools, and other types of inventory. Property insurance also protects against vandalism, theft, or fire. Be aware that most property insurance policies do not protect against flood or earthquakes.

Umbrella Insurance

Rather than carrying extremely large limits on the company’s liability and auto policies, an umbrella insurance policy can help lower costs and provide even more coverage. With street sweeping vehicles costing an average of $200,000 and the fact that streets are public, the risk exposure to the company can be quite substantial. We offer umbrella policy limits up to $5 million to help protect your business.

Employee Insurance & Benefits

If your company has employees, then you will need Worker’s Compensation as well as probably want to offer group health insurance coverage so that your company can utilize the tax advantages available when a company provides health insurance.



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