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When you think about kids and car safety, most people think of car seats. However, there are other dangers that even the most careful driver can overlook. Over 840,000 people are injured in other “Nontraffic” incidents (not occurring on a road or highway) and many of those injured are children.


These incidents occur when a car is backing out of a driveway or parking space. Although backup cameras can help reduce the risk of backing up over a child, they don’t completely eliminate the risk. The best way to avoid these incidents is to use your eyes and ears.

  • Before getting in the car, be aware of whether or not children are present.
  • After you get in the car, do another check to make sure no kids are approaching.
  • Roll down your window so you’ll be able to hear what is happening outside of your vehicle.
  • Actively check all of your mirrors.
  • And look behind you while you are backing up. Rear view cameras do not let you see a child quickly approaching, whereas a looking out your rear window you’ll be able to see a wider area and be able to see if a child comes running in your car’s direction.


Unfortunately, every year we hear about some child being left in the car and dying. Heatstroke is one of the leading causes of death in young children.

  • Never leave a child alone in a car. Period. Not even for a few minutes.
  • Opening windows will not prevent heatstroke.
  • If you have children, always check the back seat every time you get out of the vehicle.
  • If your routine has changed, always check to make sure that your child arrived at their final destination safely.

Power Windows

With so many advancements in technology, sometimes people overlook things that are used every day. Unlike (most) elevator doors, sliding doors or garage doors, power windows do not have an automatic shut off if something is in the way. Children can get trapped and get seriously injured or even die from power windows.

  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle.
  • Never leave the keys in the ignition, especially in the “on” or “accessories” position when you walk away from your vehicle.
  • Make sure that hands, feet and heads are clear of windows before raising them.
  • If your car has the option, use the power window lock so that children cannot play with the windows.

Trunk Entrapment

The trunk can be a very alluring place for a child, after all, they are very curious and it does seem like the perfect place to hide if you’re playing hide and seek. What children don’t realize is that temperatures rise quickly (usually even quicker than the rest of the car) and that really good hiding spot can prevent them from being found before it’s too late.

  • Always supervise children when they are in and around vehicles.
  • If your child is missing, check the trunk.
  • You can retrofit your car with a glow in the dark trunk release to prevent entrapment.

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