May Home Maintenance Checklist

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Now that the winter and spring storms are past us (although, we’re hoping we get some more rain here in Sacramento), it’s time to see if any damage was done. For your convenience, we have turned this checklist into a PDF so you can print it out – May home maintenace checklist – printout.

If you’re just joining our monthly home maintenance checklist series, you should read up on the monthly home maintenance items.

May Home Maintenance items

  • Vacuum lint from the dryer. For more detailed instructions on when and how to prevent fires from overheated dryers (a common cause of house fires), check out this handy PDF from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. To extend the life of your refrigerator, vacuum the coils on the back. The fridge should be on wheels, so you should be able to move it. If it isn’t on wheels, do not attempt to move it by yourself. Back injuries are no fun.
  • Clean the kitchen range hood.
  • Check wiring for any damage from winter and spring storms.
  • Inspect your roof and schedule any repairs now while the roofing companies are less busy. Don’t forget to check the shingles, too.
  • Clean the gutters.


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