Mistakes in Auto Insurance: California Residents Pay Dearly

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Are you losing money to your car insurance policy?

As you send kids back to school and young adults off the college, you may find yourself examining your auto insurance policy for money-saving options. When it comes to auto insurance, California residents know it pays to shop around for car insurance, but would you know if your current California auto insurance is costing you money?

Common California car insurance mistakes that can cost you money begin when you choose your auto insurance policy.auto insurance California

Mistakes in Auto Insurance: California Deductibles

When you choose your insurance coverage initially, it can be tempting to set your deductibles low to help offset financial burdens when an accident occurs. However, setting a low deductible can seriously hurt you in the long run. Policy holders with low deductibles often pay more in premiums to gain low-deductible policy coverage. But over time, you end up paying much more in monthly premiums than if you would set aside a little extra cash every month to provide a deductible “nest egg” to cover yourself if an accident occurs. Using this method nets your more cash in your pocket, especially if you go all year without an accident.

Cheap Car Insurance: California Pays for Young Drivers

When it comes to cheap car insurance, California residents often believe dropping coverage on young adults who are entering college will save the money. Some families opt to drop coverage because the student will not be taking a car with them to college. However, some students can have difficulty obtaining coverage later on when dropped from a parent’s policy for an extended period of time. Continuous coverage is made more affordable with student discounts (be sure to ask for these as well as additional discounts for kids with good grades). Continuous cheap auto insurance in California also covers your student during semester breaks, over holidays, and on weekends. If your student often travels 100 miles or less from the university, they may apply for additional discounts as well.

Achieve Cheap Auto Insurance, California, with Special Discounts

When it comes to getting the best auto insurance in California, you can get a much lower rate by talking to your insurance agent. Ask about which discounts are available and which you can qualify for easily. For example, some insurance policies offer special discounts for membership groups like Farm Bureau. The yearly savings is often greater than the cost of yearly dues, and you gain extra perks with your membership. The mistake many Californians make is not asking for discounts on car insurance quotes in California. Ask for a list of available discounts and review them with your insurance agent to lower your car insurance costs.

You can find more tips on saving money on California car insurance at Kiplinger.com.

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