September Home Maintenance Checklist

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Now that the dog days of summer are behind us (theoretically), it’s time to start thinking about preparing for the cooler weather that will be arriving soon. Although with the scorching heat this past week, it’s hard to think about pulling out your fall clothes.

Click here to view this September Home Maintenance Checklist as a PDF.

If you’re just joining our monthly home maintenance checklist series, you should read up on the monthly home maintenance items.

September Home Maintenance items

  • Do a rodent check
    • Those furry little creatures are no dummies. Not only do they want to get out of the scorching heat, but also teir instincts are telling them to prepare for winter. They can find ways into your home without you even knowing it. Here’s a useful link for keeping your home rodent free.
    • Don’t forget to check your garage!
  • Pool inspection
    • Check the water level. If it has been recently filled but it the water level is below capacity, there could be structural damage.
    • Check the drains.
    • Check the pool fencing. Fences can become loose over time. Here’s a useful video on checking the pool fence strength.
  • Check windows
    • Hopefully you have caught any cracks as they’ve happened. Doing a check of each window will ensure that you’re not air conditioning or heating the world, and of course, fixing any cracks will save you money.


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