The Professional Liabilities of Counselors

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The Professional Liabilities of Counselors

Counselors, due to the nature of their positions, are privy to incredibly sensitive information and can potentially have a great deal of influence over their clients’ actions. In the counseling field of work, claims commonly arise regarding negligence, malpractice or misrepresentation.

Professional liability insurance for counselors is needed to protect your business from a financial downward spiral that these lawsuits can bring on. What are some of the most common claims against counselors? Take a look below.


When a practitioner who has been entrusted with the care of a client neglects his or her job and the client suffers harm, this is known as negligence. Allegedly leaving out important information or providing a client with incorrect information can cause them financial or bodily harm. This could take the form of offering incorrect advice, such as telling someone to ignore a symptom when it is actually problematic. 

Professional liability insurance for counselors can apply when a professional has broken the trust of the client and/or breached the terms of the agreed-upon contract, whether the negligence is alleged or actual. Whether you have to pay a settlement or simply lose out on legal fees, the coverage provides a safety net to fall back on.

Alleged negligence or incorrect advice can easily bring about a lawsuit. You could even be subjected to libel or slander on the part of the plaintiff, which can cause permanent harm to your business without professional liability insurance for counselors.

Claims and Damages

In the case that you lose a large claim, you may face damages. These damages may include punitive damages, which professional liability insurance for counselors can assist with the expenses so you can maintain the financial stability of your practice. It covers both monetary damages and non-monetary relief, such as the reinstatement of an employee or recovery of a counseling plan by a client.

Providing a client with advice that is clearly incorrect or even misunderstood can get you into trouble. Customers seeking damages, claiming that the actions of a professional have harmed them, is far too common. Professional liability insurance for counselors is needed to protect your image in the industry. 


If you are a business rather than a private practitioner, professional liability insurance for counselors can protect your company in the event that a civil lawsuit is brought against one of your employees. One small slip up has the potential to bring down just about any business. Secure your peace of mind with liability insurance for counselors so you can continue to offer your services and put your energy where it counts. Not every counselor employed by you will have their own insurance, so be sure to keep your business safe if a claim should arise.

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