Tips to get cheap commercial truck insurance

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The words “accidents can happen” often strike fear in the most experienced commercial truck drivers. Sadly, those words are true. Your best bet to relieve that fear is to make sure you are covered without spending more than you need to. Whether you are insuring one vehicle or an entire fleet, these tips will help you save money on a commercial truck insurance policy.

Shop Around

The best way to get cheap commercial truck insurance is to shop around. It can take a lot of time and energy searching for an inexpensive commercial truck insurance policy. If you’d rather spend your valuable time on your business, the easiest way to get the benefits of shopping around is to enlist the services of a qualified insurance broker. You’ll want to make sure that the insurance broker you are trusting with your business is able to partner with the top insurance companies.

Multiple Policies

Insurance companies understand how important your business is and they will usually reward loyal customers by reducing rates. By purchasing multiple policies with the same insurance company, most companies will offer a discount. Even if they don’t, you can have your insurance broker ask for you.

Pay for your insurance policy in full

Nearly every insurance company offers a lower rate for insurance policies paid in full. This discount can be as high as 15%. If you can’t pay in full, signing up for an automatic payment plan with an electronic fund transfer will still normally get you a small discount. In addition, you’ll save on any check processing fees that would be incurred.

If your company is in California and you are in need of an inexpensive commercial truck insurance policy, then you can request a free insurance quote by filling out our simple online form.


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