Tips to get good insurance rates for bad drivers

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By now, we all know that students and good drivers get the best deals on car insurance. But what if you fall into the unfortunate category of being a bad driver? What if your insurance carrier drops you because of one too many accidents? Don’t worry… there are options.

Shop around

The most important thing you can do is to shop around or to have someone else do the shopping around for you. A licensed insurance broker can do the legwork for you and find you the best deal. If you live in Sacramento or anywhere throughout California, we can help you!

Take a defensive driving course

Many insurance companies give a discount if you take a defensive driving course, but not all of them do. Before you sign up, find a good policy first. Once you have a policy in effect, ask the insurance carrier if they offer a defensive driving discount.

Increase your deductibles

When trying to lower your insurance bill, look at whether or not it makes sense for you to raise your deductibles. If you can easily come up with the deductible amount, then you will usually save a significant amount year over year by increasing your deductible to an amount that you are comfortable with.

Get a different car

If you’re not in love with your car and the situation allows for it, switching it out for an equal value car could leave more money in your pocket. Obviously, sports cars and really high end cars will have high insurance rates. But did you know that insurance rates can drastically differ between very similar models and different years? Narrow down your list to about five cars and then contact your insurance carrier to see which one has the best rate.


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