Yoga Instructors: Make Sure You Nama-Stay Covered

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Yoga Instructors: Make Sure You Nama-Stay Covered

Someone getting hurt in class is a yoga instructor’s worst nightmare. Despite your best efforts to teach students about body awareness, injuries often happen outside of your control. However, yoga instructors and studios are liable for injuries that happen in their classes and on their premises, and it is important to secure protection. In addition to providing detailed safety instructions and careful supervision during yoga sessions, it is crucial for instructors and studios to protect themselves with the right business insurance program.

Beyond liability, yoga insurance can also cover lost or stolen equipment, cover you when you teach beyond the studio, and even offer additional teacher resources.

Regardless of industry, liability insurance is an essential—if not the most important—part of any business plan. The yoga industry is no different. When it comes to your school’s, studio’s, or even personal yoga business, the risks are too high to not be insured against the possibility of a lawsuit.

The Risk is Real

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) has reported an approximate 5,000 yoga injuries each year. No teacher wants or expects a student to get injured in their yoga class, but even with the proper measures in place, injuries are inevitable. A yoga class presents a wide range of unpredictable circumstances. Students commonly become injured due to a prior injury or a preexisting condition.

Students commonly push themselves beyond their own body’s capacity and may even fail to disclose or lack awareness about their own health conditions.

It is important to know that yoga teachers can even be held liable for studio theft and damage.

If you teach at a school or studio that has liability insurance, don’t assume you are protected as well. Not all school or studio insurance plans extend coverage to their teachers.

Businesses in other industries take advantage of the protection that liability insurance offers, and your yoga business deserves that same protection, even as independent instructors.

Find Peace in the Protection  

Yoga liability insurance safeguards teachers against all of these unfortunate situations and helps you recover in the unforeseen case of an injury or accident. Whether it’s a student’s medical bills, equipment loss, or a negligence lawsuit, proper coverage will keep you afloat.

Even if no negligence is found on your part and the case is ruled in your favor, the potential expense of  a lawsuit along with its associated costs is too much to chance. Liability insurance offers the financial protection needed in the event that a claim is filed against you. Don’t put your passion for teaching at risk.

Many yoga schools, studios, and other locations where yoga is often taught require instructors to have their own liability insurance. The ease of applying for a job with these businesses having already obtained a liability insurance plan is just another perk. Some liability insurance plans even accommodate teaching at multiple locations.

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