April Home Maintenance Checklist

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Spring is in full swing and the weather is warming up. Before you make plans to be out of the house every weekend, don’t forget to make some time to keep up with your monthly home maintenance. For your convenience, we have turned this April home maintenace checklist into a .pdf so you can print it out.

If you’re just joining our monthly home maintenance checklist series, you should read up on the monthly home maintenance items.

April Home Maintenance items

  • As the weather starts heating up, now is a great time to make sure your air systems are in working order. If you have central air or a swamp cooler, now is the time to make an appointment to get it serviced. Much better to check it now rather than risk having it break down in the heat of summer and possibly not get a timely appointment.
  • Check and replace air filters according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check water heater (quarterly).
    • Look for any leaks.
    • Test the temperature relief valve.
    • Clean burner and ports if it is a gas water heater.
    • Consider buying a water heater blanket (as discussed in our 10 Tips for Homeowners) if you haven’t already.
  • If you skipped checking the weather stripping around doors and windows in the winter, take the time to check it now. You don’t want to be running your air conditioner and racking up your bill any more than you have to. Replace it if it is deteriorating or if you can feel air escaping or entering your home.
  • Check exhaust ducts. Make sure winter storms didn’t cause any blockage.
  • Clean out debris from outside drains.


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